The Secret of Anti-Aging

By: Koenen Chiropractic

Anti-aging is a trick.  And like all tricks, it’s not real.  We all slow down, grow old, and die.  But like all tricks, when done well, they are amazing and fun.  Here is how the trick of anti-aging can work for you.

Take the aging progression above and expand it all the way.  From the time we are very young, we grow, get bigger, stronger, smarter and generally better at everything as we go.  This lasts until early adulthood give or take a few years.  But not that many.  And whatever overall strength and vitality we have built up then plateaus and then declines from there. Take your bones for example.

The more good work and effort you expend, and the more strength you build, your bones will follow suit.  And get stronger and stronger as you grow up.  Reaching a maximum bone density at that same time shortly after early adulthood.

Smart strategies like weight training and physical work, proper movement etc. etc. can help maintain them over time.  But nevertheless, bones start to decline in overall strength as we age.  In other words, declining from whatever peak you have built up when you are young.  Many areas inside your body all do the same thing.  

So how does the trick to anti-aging work?  Like every magic trick, the key is having the right focus.  First, focus yourself on the point where you would naturally peak in your physical body – not just your muscle or bone strength, but just think of it all as one aggregated system that peaks at one spot.  That spot that is or was your physical peak.

And then think of how high up that spot would reach if you had hit your innate natural potential for health and overall physical performance.  A bit higher than where you actually got to?  Yes, for most.  But for now, no matter at all.  In fact, this depressing gap will help us in our trick.

Here is where we get to the trick.  All that imaginary distance between your actual peak, when you seemed to look and feel you best – and from there on up to that imaginary peak of what you could have been…  Instead of seeming like a waste, or a lost opportunity, that is where your opportunity for the trick of anti-aging comes in.  

Because now that you can see this distance between these two imaginary points in your mind, this creates a new point – the one you can still get to, that stands out there waiting for you…

If only you can get there.  And that… Is going to take work.  And a little more focus.

To reach all that untapped potential.  And the best part is, start moving towards it today, and over the next few years, it will seem like you are aging in reverse.