Chiropractic Testimonials

"When I first came to see Dr. Koenen I was having severe headaches and pain in my shoulders and upper back. The pain made it hard to make it through the day at times. I had been having pain for about 2 years, trying to treat it with ice and Aleeve.

The staff is great! Always friendly people, short wait times, and all my appointments can be scheduled out.

I can now sit in any chair I want. I sleep better, feel more relaxed and stronger. I would recommend Koenen Chiropractic for great friendly care."

- Lonnie B.

"I had lower back and hip pain from a car accident years ago, along with severe neck pain. My back discomfort was slowly increasing. I had suffered 25 plus years. I had tried various treatments, including some chiropractic treatments.

Dr. Koenen developed a treatment plan for me that included chiropractic adjustments, therapies, and exercises for me to do at home that helps strengthen my back and neck. I have been pleased with the care I have received. My wife has also received help through her own treatment plan. I am now able to play golf, not that my game has improved, but I can get out and play. I didn't realize how much daily discomfort I experienced until going through the treatment plan and things got better. My sleeping is better, less stiffness in the morning. And just my general level of activity has increased without the pain.

I encourage others to talk with Dr. Koenen to see if treatment would be of help. Getting one's spine in correct alignment is important to overall health, definitely worth checking out."

- John P.

"When I first came to see Dr. Koenen I had upper back and neck pain, with my head pulling forward, and I didn't know why. But I knew I wanted to correct it. I had varying degrees of back and neck pain for several years, but the last year the pain was more consistent with more discomfort. I had tried massage therapy, but it never really addressed the real problem.

I really like how Dr. Koenen shared information, like what was wrong and how to fix it. And he discussed what actions can contribute to the problems at hand. He explained how my desk job with bad posture is contributing to some of my neck problems. I really enjoyed the patient orientation class, it was very informative about the benefits of chiropractic care.

The staff at Koenen Chiropractic is great! Always welcoming with a smile and a laugh. You can tell they really care about their patients and are very knowledgeable about treatment options.

Since becoming a patient at Koenen Chiropractic I have increased motion in my neck, with less pain. After a chiropractic adjustment, I feel better - more relaxed, more in balance, and can sleep better."

- Deanna I.

"I first came to see Dr. Koenen for severe migraines. I Had been having migraines for about three months. I had tried painkillers and muscle relaxers. As I started treatment with Dr. Koenen not only did I feel relief from headaches, but my lower back pain was going away. I had been told that my back was as good as it was going to get from a childhood injury 15 years ago. I felt like I was nearly crippled before treatment. Now with my pain all but gone, it makes everyday activities easier.

Dr. Koenen and the staff at Koenen Chiropractic treats patients very well. I enjoyed the flexible schedule and friendly environment. I have recommended Koenen Chiropractic to several people based on my results."

- Brady A.

"I was having severe hip and low back pain that was limiting my movement and affecting my all-around attitude and health. I had a co-worker recommend Dr. Koenen. I liked how thoroughly Dr. Koenen explained the benefits of chiropractic care and reviewed his findings on my x-rays with me. I was able to see where my pain was coming from. When he presented his plan of care, I was willing to give it a try, knowing my medical doctor had not been able to do anything for me.

After a couple weeks of treatment, I am already feeling the difference. My pain is almost gone, I am sleeping better and have had almost no headaches! That means I'm no longer taking over-the-counter pain medication; which improves my overall health. Moving forward I am excited to continue with chiropractic care and continue to see and feel the benefits. I have even continued to recommend Dr. Koenen to my co-workers and family."

- J. Manuel

"For the last six to eight months, I was having problems with loud noises bothering my left ear, not my right, just my left. I saw my medical doctor and an ENT with no results. Even talking on the phone bothered my ear. After scheduled treatments and some stretches, the doctor had me do at home, the sensitivity to loud noises has left. Dr. Koenen was very consistent about letting me know how he feels treatments are progressing. Reminding me to give it time, as the pain didn't start just yesterday. I had been having issues with it for a long time.

The staff at Koenen Chiropractic treats me very good. It's very easy to schedule appointments and change if needed."

- Dodie T.

"Prior to becoming a patient at Koenen Chiropractic, I had suffered from migraines for 20 years, along with pain in my shoulder and lower back. I had tried Tylenol and Excedrin to get by daily, which never fixed the problems I was having. After becoming a patient I am able to work a full day without any pain in my shoulder and back. I also no longer suffer from migraines. The staff at Koenen Chiropractic are always very friendly and explain everything well. I always feel great when I leave the office after my visits. The staff are all very caring about their patients!"

- T. Richtsmeier

"When I first came to Dr. Koenen, I had sudden onset of excruciating pain that inhibited any normal movement without bringing me to my knees. It was brought on by poor lifting techniques at work. I first visited my medical doctor where pain medication and physical therapy were prescribed. It was going to take a couple weeks for me to get into physical therapy. I really appreciated the level of knowledge and sincerity shown by Dr. Koenen and his staff. They are extremely friendly and personable and were compassionate and caring during the beginning of my treatment when I was in a lot of pain.

I now continue with monthly adjustments with Dr. Koenen. I have found I sleep better and have less "restless' feeling in my back and neck."

- Mara S.


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